Common Retirement Questions

How do I best use the value of my house in retirement?

A house is not a retirement plan! It may be your biggest asset, but housing prices fluctuate:

How can I pay for medical care after retirement?

Use your employer health-care coverage as long as possible:

When should I start collecting social security?

Delaying taking Social Security can increase your payments significantly:

How long should I continue working before retirement?

Make sure you can afford it:

As a retiree, how do I avoid scams and fraud?

Older Americans are highly targeted by scammers, so you need to be especially on guard:

Can I pay off my credit cards and other debts before retirement?

Pay off credit card and consumer debt before you retire:

How should I use my employer pension?

Employer pensions provide a steady “paycheck” for your retirement, in the form of an annuity:

How do I manage my savings and other assets?

Don’t “cash out” your retirement 401(k) savings before age 59½:

A retirement paycheck is a practical way to think about how you will pay yourself during your retirement years.

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