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Bullion Shark Review

Bullion Shark Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Some precious metals companies focus on all precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and rhodium, as well as items like diamonds, jewelry, watches, pens, and even dental metals. Then there are companies that specialize in just a few of the metals and nothing more. Neither type of company is “good” or “bad”, it … Read more

doug casey

Who Is Doug Casey?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Maybe you’ve read some of the works by American author, Doug Casey. Or, maybe you know him from Casey’s Research. Or, it’s completely possible that you have no real knowledge of Doug Casey and you want to learn more.  Here is the information we’ve gathered on American writer, speculator, and self-described “anarcho-capitalist” Doug Casey. Background … Read more

James Rickards

Who Is James Rickards?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Not everyone is a geek for investments, which means we often have to get our information on finances from experts. This can also be a bit tricky, as you never know if what the supposed expert is talking about is a good idea or not. And, what is their experience, anyway? One of the big … Read more

Alaska Mint Review

Alaska Mint Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you a precious metals collector looking for a new place to purchase items from? Or, are you a new collector who isn’t sure which precious metals companies they’ve found online are legitimate, or not? It can definitely be overwhelming to wade through so many websites for precious metals dealers. One of the websites you … Read more

Augusta Precious Metals Review | Is It Still a Reputable Service in 2022?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Finding a reputable gold or silver IRA company isn’t as easy as many people would think. There are dozens of different companies, and each one has particular fees, features, and customer support departments. Considering we’re talking about precious metals, it’s vital to choose the right company from the start to prevent any issues with your … Read more

Metals.com Review

Metals.com Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Precious metals continue to be something that is highly valuable and sought-after by people around the world. They allow you to add to your investment portfolio in a way that allows you to not only diversify but protect against market volatility.  This is why it is important to choose a precious metals company that fits … Read more

Tom Dyson

Who Is Tom Dyson?

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve spent any time in the investment world, you’ve likely heard of Tom Dyson. We decided to do a little digging into who Tom Dyson is and what his experience involves so you could get a little background on the man who is known as the editor of “Postcards from the Fringe” and “Tom’s … Read more

The Happy Coin Review

Happy Coin Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you’re looking at investing in coins and other precious metals, you want to find a company that is reliable and is going to do everything they claim they do. It may be difficult to know where to start, especially with so many different companies out there in the precious metals business.  If you do … Read more

IRA Approved Gold Coins

IRA Approved Gold Coins

Reading Time: 7 minutes Opening a Gold IRA has benefits like protection against stock market volatility and tax benefits, among others. Still, to open a Gold IRA, you have to learn more about this, as not all gold is treated the same, and there are different coins you can invest in, but not all are eligible to be added … Read more

gold ira approved bars

IRA Approved Gold Bars

Reading Time: 4 minutes When setting up your IRA, it is wise to diversify and invest in various assets, and gold is one of them. Gold is a historically proven wise investment. If you can afford it, it is an excellent way to prepare for your golden years and set up a proper retirement fund without depending solely on … Read more