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More than 50% of American households have suffered losses to their retirement savings due to the economy. Experts predict the economy to get MUCH WORSE and are calling for gold and silver to significantly increase in value while the stock market tanks. Investing in gold and silver today may save your retirement account for years to come.
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How To Start Day Trading in Gold

How To Start Day Trading in Gold |Best Gold Trading Strategy for 2022

Reading Time: 7 minutes Gold has long been praised for being a stable and worthwhile long-term investment option. This is because historical data shows that the gold price is very resistant to inflation and global economic pressures. However, when we look closer at the price of gold on a daily chart, we will notice that its price, and that … Read more

The Best Time To Invest In Gold

Best Time To Invest In Gold

Reading Time: 8 minutes Today, in this article, you’re basically going to learn everything you need to know about buying gold. If you’re looking to invest in gold or other precious metals, then this article is a must-read. You’ll learn when to invest, what to consider when it comes to external factors in buying, facts about holding physical gold, … Read more

Tax Rules

Current Gold IRA Tax Rules (2022)

Reading Time: 11 minutes From the beginning of time, humans have used precious metals as currency. Ancient civilizations would create gold statues that they would venerate. These metals would even be offered to their gods as a tribute. Moreover, as humanity advanced, we still care a lot for these metals, and we keep using them to create beautiful and … Read more

Bonds vs Treasuries

Bonds vs Treasuries – Managing Investments

Reading Time: 8 minutes Treasuries are fixed-income assets that the U.S. government issues and backs. Given the state of the economy, treasuries are regarded as low-risk assets with full faith and credit from the federal government. They offer lower returns than higher-risk products such as stocks. Even when returns are low, U.S. treasuries still have demand due to their … Read more

Bonds Vs. Fixed Income

Bonds vs. Fixed Income: What Is the Difference?

Reading Time: 8 minutes The most popular investment alternatives include bonds, which give investors set profits in certain periods. However, there are other fixed-income instruments that could benefit them. Which one is the best of all? How can you know which option you should choose to guarantee wealth in the future? From bond funds to preferred stocks, all fixed-income … Read more

Bonds Vs. Equities

Bonds Vs. Equities: Understanding the Difference

Reading Time: 8 minutes As the most popular asset classes, bonds and equities are often paired together when it comes to investment plans. However, both have different behaviors, risks, liquidity features, and returns. While equities are considered high-risk investments, bonds may be ideal for those who prefer low-risk alternatives. Therefore, if you want to build your future wealth and … Read more

CFC Gold Loans Review

CFC Gold Loans Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Welcome to my CFC Gold Loans Review. Here we will take a look at the gold loan services offered by Cfc and see if they are a good fit for you. Cfc offers gold loans with a quick and easy application process. They offer a variety of loan terms and options so that you can … Read more

investing in a bear market

How to Invest During a Bear Market

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you don’t know what a bear market is, just know that we’re in one now!  I hate jesting at the fact that people are losing money, but today I’ll try to give some insight as to how you should make investment decisions when in a bear market. What is a Bear Market? A bear … Read more

South Dakota Retirement Taxes

South Dakota Retirement Taxes: 5 Facts You Should Know

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re living in South Dakota and you’re retired, then you need to know how state taxes impact you. This holds especially true for individuals on a fixed income with less than ideal retirement savings. Today, I’m going to share six important facts about the taxes in South Dakota that might impact you as a … Read more