How to Invest in Gold ETFs

How to Invest in Gold ETFs

Reading Time: 11 minutes Many investors choose to invest in gold ETFs as a way to protect their investment from market ups and downs. Gold is a very valuable metal, and many people invest in it. There are different ways to invest in gold, from bullion to ETFs. An ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund, and it is a … Read more

Republic Local Nextseed review

Republic Local (Formerly NextSeed) Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Investing in a business can be daunting, especially if you’re not someone who has a ton of money to throw at a company that may or may not make it. The benefits of diversification of your retirement portfolio (better than average returns) may not outweigh the risks that such an investment could have on your … Read more

what is gold ira

How To Move A 401K To Gold Without A Penalty

Reading Time: 10 minutes By setting up an individual retirement account, better known as an IRA, or contributing to a company 401(k) plan, you’ll have the correct vehicle in place to begin saving for your retirement in the future. Traditional IRA accounts and typical 401(k)s make it possible to postpone paying taxes until you take distributions in the future, … Read more


Bitcoin IRA

Reading Time: 6 minutes Coin IRA offers significant diversification of cryptocurrencies for your retirement portfolio. A digital currency specialist helps you convert a portion of your current IRA or 401(k) to a self-directed IRA. It allows you to hold and buy Bitcoin to benefit from the value increase of the digital asset. Using a crypto IRA is a great … Read more

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How Inflation Erodes Your Retirement Savings (and What to Do About It)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Many investors following traditional retirement investing advice may not be considering the full impact inflation may have on their portfolios. Diversification is key to achieving a strong mix of capital preservation and portfolio growth. There are different types of “all-weather” portfolio strategies available to investors; it’s a matter of finding an iteration that best matches … Read more

Masterworks Review: Investing In Fine Art Made Simple

Reading Time: 4 minutes Thanks to Masterworks, there are lots of people investing in art today. With NFTs growing alone, art is perhaps where most gains are to be made today. If you are interested in investing in something and are still undecided, then read on, and maybe our article will help you decide. Today we will talk about … Read more

financial independence

Financial Independence, Retire Early

Reading Time: 3 minutes You may have heard the term “FIRE” when referencing retirement on social media and been confused, so today I’ll answer a question many people have been asking about in our mail bag, and that is what is financial independence, retire early – or FIRE – all about? What Is F.I.R.E.? FIRE is an acronym for … Read more

401k limits 2021

The Max 401k and IRA Contribution Limits for 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you have questions about the 2021 IRS Retirement Plan Limits, I’m going to do my best today to answer them. According to multiple sources you can cross reference below, the Employee 401(k) contribution will cap at $19,500 for 2021 and it will also have offer the ability to make a $6,500 catch-up contribution investment … Read more

financial goal setting

How to Set Financial Goals

Reading Time: 4 minutes I have a hard time looking at my finances and being happy unless I have an end use case for the funds.  Many years ago I started setting financial goals that focused on the short term, midterm, and long term.  Without an identified end goal, I found I was just saving money without a purpose, … Read more

retirement income

What is a Good Monthly Retirement Income?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today I’ll talk about how you can set yourself up for a comfortable retirement by breaking down how much money you should need at each age. You’ll most likely start looking into how much monthly income it’ll take you to retire comfortably by asking yourself how much do I need to retire?   This answer depends … Read more