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Retirement Jobs

Retirement Jobs That Pay Well

Reading Time: 21 minutes Who knows what “retired” implies anymore? Are you one of those who have left the career you previously had in the 40-hour-a-week workforce? But now, you do not wish to be glued to your sofa watching puppy and kitten videos. You like to be active, you wish to work, and you like to make money … Read more

Retirement Planning Tools

Cheap and Free Retirement Planning Tools – The Best Alternatives to Protect Your Future Finances Without Spending a Fortune

Reading Time: 13 minutes Besides determining how you can build a nest egg, you need to start your retirement planning and prepare today to meet those financial goals you have set for your golden years. However, that whole process can be a bit complicated for some people. From calculating your expenses based on your annual income to finding the … Read more

how to not run out of retirement savings

How Not to Run Out of Money in Retirement

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of retiree’s biggest fears is running out of money before they die.  It’s a common thought that has a lot of unknowns in the mix, adding to the difficulty of figuring out just how much money is needed to make it all the way. How much longer will you live?  What if a sudden … Read more

tontine payout

Tontines Definition

Reading Time: 3 minutes An early system for raising money, a tontine is something where people pay into a pool of funds that essentially will pay them dividends in relation to their ownership share of returns from various items that the pool invested in.  Whenever someone in the pool passed away, their stake was not replaced with another member, … Read more

Prepare for Retirement Living

Ultimate Steps to Prepare for Retirement Living

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you want to enjoy your retirement days, you need a plan and start preparing. During this stage of life, good health, social activities, and having enough money are all crucial! Therefore, you should consider a few factors as it approaches. Whether you plan to retire in a few years or decades, taking a few … Read more

Retirement Investment Plan

Retirement Investment Plan

Reading Time: < 1 minute Coming soon, our updated 2023 “Economic Report” with updated retirement strategies. Sign up now to get our FREE report the moment it’s released with 2023 strategies.

How to Invest in Gold ETFs

How to Invest in Gold ETFs

Reading Time: 11 minutes Many investors choose to invest in gold ETFs as a way to protect their investment from market ups and downs. Gold is a very valuable metal, and many people invest in it. There are different ways to invest in gold, from bullion to ETFs. An ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund, and it is a … Read more

Republic Local Nextseed review

Republic Local (Formerly NextSeed) Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Investing in a business can be daunting, especially if you’re not someone who has a ton of money to throw at a company that may or may not make it. The benefits of diversification of your retirement portfolio (better than average returns) may not outweigh the risks that such an investment could have on your … Read more

what is gold ira

How To Move A 401K To Gold Without A Penalty

Reading Time: 11 minutes By setting up an individual retirement account, better known as an IRA, or contributing to a company 401(k) plan, you’ll have the correct vehicle in place to begin saving for your retirement in the future. Traditional IRA accounts and typical 401(k)s make it possible to postpone paying taxes until you take distributions in the future, … Read more


Bitcoin IRA

Reading Time: 6 minutes Coin IRA offers significant diversification of cryptocurrencies for your retirement portfolio. A digital currency specialist helps you convert a portion of your current IRA or 401(k) to a self-directed IRA. It allows you to hold and buy Bitcoin to benefit from the value increase of the digital asset. Using a crypto IRA is a great … Read more

losing money

How Inflation Erodes Your Retirement Savings (and What to Do About It)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many investors following traditional retirement investing advice may not be considering the full impact inflation may have on their portfolios. Diversification is key to achieving a strong mix of capital preservation and portfolio growth. There are different types of “all-weather” portfolio strategies available to investors; it’s a matter of finding an iteration that best matches … Read more

Masterworks Review: Investing In Fine Art Made Simple

Reading Time: 4 minutes Thanks to Masterworks, there are lots of people investing in art today. With NFTs growing alone, art is perhaps where most gains are to be made today. If you are interested in investing in something and are still undecided, then read on, and maybe our article will help you decide. Today we will talk about … Read more