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Goldco Named Best Company By Nasdaq and Money.com3 min read

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As an investor and author, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the top-rated gold investment company out there today. If you’re unfamiliar with who I’m referring to, it’s none other than Goldco.

What I’ve recently learned is that the individual retirement account-focused company was recently mentioned in both Nasdaq and Money.com.Not only that, but they’ve officially named Goldco as one of their “best gold IRA companies,” which is a direct quote pulled from Nasdaq.com.

I’ve covered some of the details below for those interested in learning more about the articles and more importantly, why they’ve decided to make such a bold statement.

Goldco.com Nasdaq
Screenshot of Goldco being mentioned in Nasdaq.com article.

Nasdaq Names Goldco #1 For Customer Service

Not only did Nasdaq state that Goldco is one of the best IRA company options out there today, they’ve also explicitly stated that the company is best for customer service for those looking to invest in an IRA firm. Now, if you’re looking to invest and get the service that you truly want, then Goldco Precious Metals is the company for you!

Money.com Goldco Article
Money.com Article Mentioning Goldco Direct, LLC

Here are some of the things that Nasdaq.com had to say about Goldco in their article…

Other than giving them the award for Best Customer Service, they’ve praised the company for the massive number of positive reviews that they have in BBB and TrustPilot.

To be more specific, they covered the fact that Goldco has an A+ BBB rating and a 4.8 TrustPilot rating. They also love the fact that the company gladly provides educational resources for investors and soon-to-be investors.

The TrustPilot score is important since that means that 91% of all reviewers think the service and company are a 5-star business. Definitely something worth mentioning.

In the article, they go deep into covering all the products that are offered by Goldco, including the gold IRA account which is by far the best option they have today. If you’re ready to invest and have $25,000 or more, then this is the approach you should consider taking.

They wrap things up by covering the fact that having a diversified portfolio can really help reduce risk during periods when the market is extra volatile.

A big congrats to Goldco.com for getting recognition from Money Group, LLC, Money.com, and Nasdaq.com!

If you’re interested in learning more about the company, then please be sure to read my review of Goldco.com.

Click here to check it out.

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Note: Nasdaq.com published the article they wrote on March 23, 2023. You can copy and paste it here to read the full story here: https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/goldco-gold-ira

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