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What is an Immediate Annuity Rates?

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Single Premium Immediate Annuities

Single premium immediate annuity or annuities (SPIAS) are a way buyers can fund their retirement income on a tax-deferred basis.

Insurance Company’s General Account

An insurance company’s general account is used to track all financial activity of the company and its subsidiaries.

When an insurance provider has a subsidiary, such as an insurance company, the subsidiary is a separate legal entity and a policy of coverage for not the parent company.

A general account is a bank account that a company maintains for its employees or its own use. General accounts are distinct from savings accounts, in which individuals or businesses set an income annuity up for themselves. A general account typically holds money that is not being used, meaning that it has been used to pay for a specific purpose.

Immediate Annuity Contracts Payment Annuity

Immediate annuity contracts can give you an immediate source of income in retirement. Unlike an annuity, an annuity contract does not build up a reserve of assets. Instead, the assets that you contribute are allocated to your immediate annuity contract immediately.

The money must be “rolled over” into an IRA account of your choice so the money can continue to grow.

An immediate annuity contract is a process of “rolling” over funds from a retirement account into an immediate annuity contract so you can invest those funds right away.  We outlined this process on our Gold IRA Rollover Guide – IRA Gold Transfer Process page.

Lump Sum Payment

Lump sum payments are payments sent all at once without any kind of schedule. Lump sum payments are usually offered to settle a sum of money between two or more parties.

Single Lump Sum Payment Annuity

Single lump sum payment annuities are another way of buying insurance products. You pay a single lump sum, and then the insurance company pays out over the future.

Annual Payments

Annual payments are a popular choice for many consumers. Banner payments allow you to make monthly payments that equal your “annual interest” and pay off your balance in far less time than traditional loans. These annuity income payments and guaranteed income stream of a monthly income or a lifetime income make this so promising.

Provide Guaranteed Income Payments

Guaranteed income payments (GIP) are a form of basic income, a concept that is gaining more traction with advocates of basic income.

Retirement Planning and Deferred Annuity

Retirement planning is one of the most important things you can do for your future and your family. Consult some financial advisors about the variable annuity contract and retirement income plan for secure income payouts on an investment account that guarantees to generate income.

While you’re living, your goals may change, but financial planning is a lifelong process. It’s important to plan now for your future, so you can feel financially comfortable during retirement or can set up a joint annuity.

Individual retirement account

This is a tax-advantaged retirement savings plan set up by an individual, some businesses, and tax-exempt organizations.

The claims paying ability of an insurance company is a critical factor in determining not only their premium but also whether it will be a good long-term partner. An insurance company’s claims paying ability can have a big impact on policyholders in a number of ways.

Lifetime immediate annuity rates

A lifetime immediate annuity is a fixed sum of money that you begin receiving payments for (generally) the rest of your life, based on a fixed interest rate. Typically, the older you are when you purchase the annuity, the larger the monthly payment.

Fixed Annuity Payments

Fixed annuities are an investment vehicle that can provide an income in retirement. Unlike fixed annuities, variable annuities cannot guarantee any level of income.

In addition, while variable annuity values can fall, fixed annuity values generally do not fall, and any earnings are tax-deferred until they are withdrawn for qualified purposes.


Immediate annuities are purchased before retirement when the annuitant is in good health. The annuitant chooses a payout amount and a term. Payments begin when the annuitant dies or the term period ends. The annuitant dies before the term period ends, the annuitant dies after the payout period, or the term period ends before the annuitant dies.

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