Robert Kiyosaki JUST Predicted Gold to $75,000
3 Banks Failed in 2023. More are going to fall in 2024. Fiat currency is doomed!
If you do not own gold, your life savings could evaporate very quickly. Learn how to add precious metals to your retirement or safe deposit box and get it while it trades for less than $2,000 per ounce.
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How to Safeguard Your Retirement

If you are nearing retirement and can’t afford your retirement portfolio to take a nose dive amidst the market turbulence, or simply looking to diversify your holdings, there is no better way to do that than to invest in precious metals like gold and silver inside your actual retirement portfolio.

If you had this set up with the recommended 5-20% of your portfolio prior to 2008, you saw your investment double, or even triple, depending on the timing of your purchases.  In 2006 gold was just $600 per troy ounce, and today we are trading around $2,000.  Literally every other investment, minus some real estate, a far less liquid asset, can’t touch this return.  (Unless you were very early into Bitcoin!)

With inflation here, and the economy in a very turbulent state, here’s how you can safeguard your retirement and make sure you keep your most important account – your retirement savings – intact.

#1:  Fill out this form at Goldco.

You’ll receive a FREE precious metals investing guide.  After that, you’ll get a free consult from a specialist who can walk you through the simple process of setting up a self directed IRA.  Inside this IRA, which you can fund from any retirement account you already have, (or pension, 401(k) or other qualifying account) you can purchase gold and silver.


Goldco has won many awards over the years and is the BEST company I can recommend.  There are 100’s, if not 1,000’s of companies in the space, but they are the at the top by themselves.  Here’s a quick look at how they stack up on consumer review websites:

goldco accolades

#2:  Sign the documents.

Received either in the mail, or if you prefer, electronically, you can begin the account set up process.  This is all hands-off and very simple. You just need to sign the forms.

#3:  Fund the account.

Choose your amount, authorize a transfer of funds, and you are FUNDED.

#4:  Purchase your metals.

Your specialist will walk you through the various gold and silver coins and bars available as well as share with you the daily price, called the “Spot price.”

#5:  Choose your depository.

Goldco works with several depositories and you can elect to have your metals segregated, or non-segregated.  Segregated means your actual gold and silver will be in it’s own storage and you’ll have the EXACT coins you purchased to later re-sell when it’s time to cash out.  Non-segregated means they will be shipped to the depository and put in there and recorded.  It’s just a few dollars more per year to get segregated, but either one works just fine.

Your IRA Custodian will provide account statements and values as you go, just like a traditional brokerage.  You can sell at any time as they have an excellent buy back program.  When the economy dips, you could experience the huge gains predicted by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and Michael Lee, who have gold values ranging from $5,000 – $75,000 per ounce in as early as late 2024.  Unlike fiat currency, precious metals keep their store value and thrive in times of peril.

Also, if you just wish to invest in gold or silver for your own home storage or safe deposit box, I recommend American Hartford Gold for direct purchases.  They have been in the direct gold and silver bullion sales industry longer than anyone and have done over $2 billion dollars in direct sales.

Whether you choose to use your retirement savings to invest in precious metals, or buy physical metals for your own storage, can you really afford to let your portfolio tank in the upcoming recession?