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Westminister Mint Review4 min read

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Many people come to our website looking to protect their wealth and do anything to survive the constant market volatility that we’ve seen since the election.  Most experts advise people to allocate a certain percentage of their wealth into precious metals like gold, silver, and even palladium.  When we scanned the industry, we came across Westminster Mint.

Today we’ll talk about Westminster Mint and speak to the angles of if they are a reputable business that could help you achieve financial goals by using their services.  In this informational article we hope to get you to make an informed decision as well as educate you a bit along the way.

This is yet another post that talks about companies that can sell you gold and metals.  The last update was about Gold Avenue, and if you read the blog in it’s entirety, you’ll see that there is no shortage of articles covering this subject.

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Before we go in depth about this company, we understand that making an important financial decision should not be taken lightly.  With our exhaustive search to find the best companies, we have compiled a list for users to review.

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See if Westminster Mint made it on our list this year!

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Learn About Westminster Mint

This company was started in the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota.  Established in 2001, they have been in the local Better Business Bureau since 2008 and our research showed they maintained an A+ rating.

This company understands precious metals investing.  Every member of their team is experienced in the numismatic industry and the company itself is an authorized dealer of certified and graded coins.  This is done by none other than the NGC, (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) as well as ANACS (The American Numismatic Association Certification Service) and the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service.)  That’s officially a lot of acronyms to list off and explain!

The company has a mobile app that customers can use for FREE that allows them to track their precious metals, purchase or sell bullion, and research the market.  

Shipping Precious Metals

The company ships orders rapidly and most orders are sent to customers within three days.  However, there is a note on their website that mentions you should allow up to 15 days for orders to arrive.  Every shipment is insured while the precious metals are in transit, so you can buy Westminster Mint metals and rest knowing your goods are insured.

The down side about the shipping process is that there is no free shipping no matter what value of order you make.  Other companies do reward customers with free shipping at certain levels of purchases, Westminster does not.

Westminster Complaints

A deep dive into Westminster reviews and comments on third party websites is the best way to find out how “on the up and up” this company is.  Reviews from past customers speak volumes about companies and we scanned the web to find them.  Of course, testimonials posted on any website is something to take with a grain of salt.

The four main branches of the review tree were examined:  TrustLink, TrustPilot, the BBB, and the Business Consumer Alliance.

The ratings were very average, which is something that is common in this industry.  Only the esteemed Augusta Precious Metals Company has perfect ratings across the board.

It’s hard to recommend a company with average grades, especially with so many out there that are recommended.  You’ll have to do your own diligence to find out if Westminster Mint is a scam, but we won’t go on record and say that because clearly they’ve been around for a long time. We just hoped to run into more positive ratings.

Last time we checked, there were 13 complaints filed against Westminster Mint in the last three years.  Services and products were brought up in nine of these complaints.  They also don’t do any sort of retirement accounts with precious metals.  That’s been a big focal point of our blog, especially post-election, and it’s something that our team here believes is a game changer when it comes to wealth protection because an allocation of savings in gold is something that many economists suggest.  (Not to mention there’s a big loophole ahead of proposed legislation.)

All in all, we aren’t going to steer you away from buying precious metals from this company, but as mentioned above, we do have a list of companies that are totally vetted in this industry that you should check out.  They are reputable, fully transparent, and won’t put fear, uncertainty, and doubt into your mind in order to get you to make a purchase.  It’s suggested that you check them out.





Edwin Cannon has spent his entire career in the financial industry and specializes in alternative investments and surviving marketing turbulence. He started My Retirement Paycheck to help educate consumers about retirement investment options that aren't typically introduced by advisors.