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We’ve founded My Retirement Paycheck to help provide resources and motivation for anyone looking to retire early.  Whether you are looking for shortcuts or tax loopholes that you may find in living in another state, or perhaps, country, or just looking to develop new savings habits that will help you accumulate wealth quicker, you have come to the right place!

We are Brandon Sirrico and Tim Schmidt, South Florida transplants originally from the Northeast and Midwest.  We met through a mutual friend while watching NFL Football and realized we had a lot in common.  Having many of the same life aspirations and family values, we found our friendship evolve into going into business together, and over time, we often discussed financial goals and retiring early.  As serial “planners and organizers,” the best way to keep our goals on target was by making a daily reminder of what these goals are.

In short, we decided to create this blog to document all of our findings and log our “life hacks” and not only have a place to reference from time to time, but also to share with like-minded individuals looking to retire early as well.

Below are more detailed bio’s. 

Brandon Sirrico

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Tim Schmidt

Tim SchmidtOriginally born in South Dakota, Tim was raised in Minnesota from the age of nine until he graduated college.  He was hired as an analyst by Accenture in the year 2000 and was slated to start training in Chicago after graduation.  However, the .com crash kicked that down the line a bit, and while the company delayed his start date he decided to visit South Florida to see a friend from college.  He quickly realized that he loved the environment and fast paced life that Miami offered and after just a few days, decided to rent a place and make a permanent move.  He started an Internet business and had an office in Costa Rica, where he lived off and on from 2003-2011. Always on the grind and never afraid of a challenge, he became a published author in 2019, writing the Entrepreneurship book “Amplifying Average,” which was an Amazon Best Seller upon launch.

Tim set up a Self Directed IRA over 10 years ago and has a lot of experience using it to invest in real estate, cryptocurrency, precious metals, and more.  His content will share his investing experiences while he’ll also use his extensive travel to provide insight on retirement destinations and living overseas.


Advertising Disclosures and Policies

We decided that the best way to keep the content free was to earn money through advertisements served on this website.  We have many writers grinding away at providing you insightful content that can help you navigate the many avenues that come with retirement.

We believe in full disclosure and therefore we do identify any relationship that may be mutually beneficial.  We don’t make these decisions on the fly and we spend time examining every product or service that comes into our office.  In short, we won’t ever knowingly steer you the wrong direction!  If you feel any company mention on this website hasn’t lived up to the experience we shared and outlined, please email us at support@myretirementpaycheck.org and we’ll escalate it to the researcher and follow up accordingly.