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MyRetirementPaycheck.org has been around since May 2010. Our initial objective was to simply help answer retirement and financial-related questions to help educate readers to make better financial decisions when it comes to IRA planning, 401k rollovers, and investment decisions. We initially covered topics such as work, social security, home and mortgage, insurance, pensions, retirement plans, debt issues, and even fraud topics.

About Us

As time went by, we found ourselves focusing on more specific topics related to retiring such as retirement investing, locations that provide the best experiences for retirees, financial education for seniors, 401k and retirement accounts, and precious metals such as gold IRA companies and lastly, the latest financial news updates you need to know as a retired individual living in the United States.

Meet Our Team

Edwin Cannon

Edwin Cannon

MyRetirementPaycheck.org was started by Edwin. He’s spent his entire career navigating the rough waters of the financial industry and has seen markets win and lose many times throughout his career. Edwin specializes in alternative investments and surviving marketing turbulence, especially during rough times when market uncertainty is at an all-time high.

We’ve explained why he initially started the site, but today, My Retirement Paycheck serves to help educate consumers of all ages about retirement investment options that aren’t typically introduced by advisors as well as provide basic retirement information that covers all the topics mentioned above.

As for Edwin’s knowledge when it comes to retirement, he’s knowledgeable in the following areas:

Retirement planning: This includes alternative investment options such as gold and silver IRAs, along with more traditional retirement plan strategies 401(k)s, IRAs, pensions, and even social security.

Investment strategies: We covered this above, but he’s also knowledgeable when it comes to various investment options including but not limited to stocks, bonds, real estate, treasury bonds, mutual funds, and even some crypto. Basically, areas in which individuals may make decisions to reduce risk or make decisions based on their risk tolerance and overall goals when it comes to retirement.

Health care and planning: While we don’t cover these topics on the site, Edwin has a solid understanding of various health options that are available for retired individuals.

Estate planning: This is one area where you really need to connect with an attorney in your state. So we do not cover anything on this and Edwin doesn’t claim to have a vast knowledge of this area, although he’s interested in the topics.

Lifestyle & retired living: When it comes to living the perfect life of a retiree, Edwin has the knowledge on topics such as home buying, traveling, fun things for retired individuals to do, and more.

Tax planning: Edwin has a solid understanding of tax laws and how they impact you as a retiree with a stronger focus on precious metals and tax benefits of making alternative asset investments.

Camila Ochoa

Camila Ochoa

Camila grew up in Bogota, Colombia, but moved to the United States after graduate school.  She is a full-time Executive Assistant who supports the chaotic lives of C-Level executives in Miami.

While she’s not enjoying her surroundings on Brickell Avenue in Miami’s Financial District, she assists with content and marketing for the website as a way to keep her studies in finance at the forefront.  An avid cryptocurrency trader, you can find Camila at many of the crypto meet-ups around Miami and abroad.

Camila has a Yorkie named Pancho and is known for never being far from a cup of coffee.

Featured In

Our site MyRetirementPaycheck.org has been featured in many different prominent publications over the years. To name a few, we’ve been mentioned in or by Yahoo Finance, AOL.com, AARP.org, Fox Business, Tech Times, Mortgage Calculator, Econo Times, and many more.

Contact Us

Looking to contact us for anything at all? No problem! You can send us an email at info@myretirementpaycheck.org or you can send snail mail to the following address listed below.

Our Mission – To provide retirees with trustworthy information that will help them make better decisions for retirement living.

Our Goals – Discover new opportunities for retirees. Spread the information and knowledge we have on retired life. Create richer living for retirees worldwide.

Our Values – We value honesty, trust, and accuracy.

Last but not least, we value your privacy and if you’re looking for more info then please check out our privacy policy. Curious about the topics and articles we publish, please see the sitemap which lists out all our articles and updates.

Advertising Disclosures and Policies

We decided that the best way to keep the content free was to earn money through advertisements served on this website.  We have many writers grinding away at providing you insightful content that can help you navigate the many avenues that come with retirement.

We believe in full disclosure and therefore we do identify any relationship that may be mutually beneficial.  We don’t make these decisions on the fly and we spend time examining every product or service that comes into our office.

In short, we won’t ever knowingly steer you in the wrong direction!  If you feel any company mention on this website hasn’t lived up to the experience we shared and outlined, please email us at info@myretirementpaycheck.org and we’ll escalate it to the researcher and follow up accordingly.

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