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A retirement paycheck is a practical way to think about how you will pay yourself during your retirement years.

Click below to learn how each factor works together to optimize your retirement paycheck.

How My Paycheck Works

Each interrelated factor and income stream combines to create a paycheck. Put simply, a retirement paycheck is how you pay yourself throughout your retirement years. No matter how big or small your nest egg is, you can make your resources go further and enjoy greater financial well-being in retirement by making informed decisions that work for you. We provide noncommercial information and resources to help you navigate your retirement decisions and optimize your financial future.

Factors That Affect Your Retirement Paycheck


How long should I continue working before retirement?

Social Security

When should I start collecting Social Security?

Home and Mortgage

How do I best use the value of my house in retirement?


How can I pay for medical care after retirement?

Retirement Plans

How should I use my employer retirement plan?

Savings and Investments

How do I manage my savings and investments?


Can I pay off my credit cards and other consumer debt before retirement?


How do I avoid scams and fraud?